Hockey COVID-19 Protocols


All customers are required to comply with

all listed protocols and posted signage while in the facility.

The following guidelines, in addition to our posted "General Rink Protocols", are to be followed by all skaters, coaches, and spectators during all hockey related ice slots.

  • The lobby will be off limits for changing. Players are asked to change in assigned Locker Rooms only or Rink Area

  • In compliance with the  "General Rink Protocols", all spectators are required to wear a face covering while in the facility.​

  • Spectators must remain out of all staff areas and areas marked "No Spectators".

  • Coaches, referee's and scorekeepers must wear masks at all times.

  • No sharing of water bottles permitted.

  • Lobby is off limits for changing. Players please proceed immediately to their assigned locker room upon entering the facility. Locker rooms are limited to 16 skaters at a time to be monitored by each team.

  • Two responsible chaperone permitted per skater. No siblings will be allowed into the facility.

Program Specific Protocols..


Group Lessons Protocols
Hockey Lesson Protocols