COVID-19 Protocols


All customers are required to comply with

all listed protocols and posted signage while in the facility.

The following outlines our general guidelines for all customers while in the facility. Since our varying programs don't allow for a "one size fits all" approach, there are separate protocols, which coincide with all the following, for lessons, freestyle, hockey, etc. all linked below the main info box.

  • Face coverings are required in all areas of the facility except when seated in the cafeteria area with food

  • Remember social distancing.

  • Please limit the amount of belongings brought with you into the facility.

  • No customers will be permitted inside the facility until 15 minutes prior to the start of their ice time and must leave immediately after the completion of their slot. Basic rule of thumb..."15 minutes in...15 minutes out...". These times may have to be adjusted to accommodate all required cleaning during the turn over time however, we will always give all ample time to get their skates on before their ice time.

  • We have implemented a "one-way" traffic system...

    • All customers are to enter through the main lobby doors and go straight to their assigned "designated changing area" as directed by the rink staff.​

    • At the completion of their ice time, all customers are to leave through the marked exits in the rink area, not through the lobby.

      • Please use only the doors with clearly marked "EXIT" signs. The area behind the building has been sectioned as a "designated staff area" for the safety of our staff and is off limits to customers. These doors have been marked with "EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY" signs.​

  • Spectators are limited to marked "Designated Spectator Areas" only.

    • While in these areas, please maintain social distancing.​

    • Please properly discard of all trash, especially food items.

  • Please remain out of chained areas and all areas marked with "DO NOT ENTER" signs. These areas have been closed for your safety and the safety of our staff.

  • The lobby is off limits to all customers other than to access the restrooms which are limited to one​ person at a time.

  • Off-ice training and stretching are not permitted inside the building. These activities may be done outside in the park away from the entrances and exits.

  • Locker rooms will be closed for most ice slots. We have sectioned two "designated changing areas" on the North and South ends of the building to give everyone an area to put on their skates.

    • Please discard all trash appropriately, especial water bottles, tape, bandages, and tissues.​

Program Specific Protocols..

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