Freestyle COVID-19 Protocols


All customers are required to comply with

all listed protocols and posted signage while in the facility.

The following guidelines, in addition to our posted "General Rink Protocols", are to be followed by all skaters, coaches, and spectators during all Freestyle sessions.

  • Freestyle ice will be limited to 20 skaters.

  • Coaches must wear face coverings and practice social distancing.​

  • The player benches are not to be used by anyone, skaters, coaches, and spectators.

  • No water bottles or tissues on the benches or the ice.

    • These must be left near you space in the "Designated Changing Area"​.

  • The lobby is off limits for changing. Skaters should come fully dressed and will be permitted to put their skates on in the designated changing area.

  • Only one parent or legal guardian per skater permitted. No siblings permitted in the building. In compliance with the "General Rink Protocols" spectators are required to wear face coverings and remain in the marked "Designated Spectator Areas".

  • No congregating on the ice by skaters or coaches.

  • There will be no stretching or off-ice training permitted in the building. This must be done outside, away from the entrances and exits.

  • Lessons are one-on-one only. No exceptions!

  • Parents and skaters will enter the building, pay for ice, then proceed directly to the rink area where we will have benches available to get their skates on. Everyone must exit through the marked exits in the rink area and the lobby remains off limits except to access the restrooms which are limited to one person at a time.

**Until restrictions ease up, we will only be permitting our "regulars"

-meaning coaches and skaters!

Any outside coaches or skaters will be turned away.

Program Specific Protocols..

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