Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

May 14, 2020

The "NY on Pause" order is due to expire this Wednesday May 27th  as per  Governor Cuomo.

Phase one opening does not include us. However we are working with our fellow Ice Rink Owners and operators and State and local offical's to allow Ice Rinks to open sooner with a phase in policy to safely protect our customers. When in the facility. Since CDC rules and recommendation's are changing almost weekly we will wait to when we have a date to open to post so that they are accurate and compliant  with the Governor's orders,

Newbridge Arena is currently in the phase four opening plan.

As before, our office may not be open during this time to assist you with any inquiries.

If you have any questions or concerns,

we encourage that you visit the "Contact" page for information on how get in contact with us.


We would also like to quickly re-enforce a past update in regards to

our hockey and "Learn to Skate" programs...

At this time, as we are still not sure when we will be reopening. We can not offer any real straight answers as to what the status on any of these programs are at this time. Everything is still up in the air. When we are ready to re-open, we will compile all applicable information including the current-for-the-time recommendations from our government agencies and create a "game-plan" to move forward.


(Added Note in regards to refunds)

We would like to add, our "game-plan" will include whether or not we will be offering any compensation for our registered participants that either are no longer able and/or no longer interested in participating. We understand that your family may be experiencing some financial trouble during this time. Unfortunately, being that under the governor's orders we are not allowed to conduct business, we do not have access to our enrollment database nor our payment system in our rink office at the moment. As you know, we only take registrations and payments in person. Therefore, all that information is securely stored in our office and we do not have access to it. As such, we just simply can not accept any requests for refunds or credits at this time. When the day we will be opening becomes more clear and we are permitted to start operating our business again we will be able to address these concerns.

We sincerely apologize for any further issues this may cause.

Do you have a birthday party coming up?

If have a birthday party scheduled between now and the end of the summer and you have not already been contacted, please visit the "Contact" page and send us an inquiry for further assistance.

We continue to wish good health and safety upon all of our customers.

Enjoy your time at home. We hope to see you back real soon!


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